The Health App Every Lambda School Student Needs

Refresh is a healthy habit app designed for Lambda students, by Lambda students. Our fun, fast, and gamified approach to habit change is guaranteed to be a delight.

Why You Need Refresh

Custom Missions

Choose a quest that’s customized to fit your needs and goals.

Charted Progress

Nifty charts and graphs that vividly illustrate how far you’ve come.

Constant Evolution

Share your feedback and we'll build our app to fit your preferences.

Secure System

Your info is 100% safe (and will never be shared). Also: we hate spam.

Score Points

Like a video game. Do healthy stuff and watch your score rapidly grow.

Success Rewarded

Climb to the top of our leaderboard and win Amazon gift cards or sweet swag.

Meet the People Who Made Refresh Possible

Dayton Steinmeyer

Team Lead

Daniel Wallen

Full Stack Web Developer

Christina Delligatta

Full Stack Web Developer

Gina Christians

Full Stack Web Developer

Jeremy Brady

Full Stack Web Developer

Josh Cooter

Full Stack Web Developer

Melissa Murphy

Full Stack Web Developer

Michael Baynon

Full Stack Web Developer

Roman Jordan

Full Stack Web Developer

Taylor Watson


Actionable Insights to Make You Feel Refreshed

How to Be a Successful Web Developer (Without Risking Burnout)

Lambda School student?

If so, there's a 50/50 chance you suffer from severe burnout.

Here's how to excel in your studies without sacrificing your health...